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Maintaining viable communication links in today's world, even under the most severe environments, are an absolute necessity. Natural disasters, remote environments, and congested urban areas all create significant challenges to all standard communication devices (i.e. LTE, 3G/4G, WiFi). ModulaTeam provides innovative new technologies that maintain these critical voice and video links when all other forms of communication technologies fail.
ModulaTeam offers a transparent Ethernet extender product that utilizes over-the-air narrowband (20–500 MHz), mid to long distance communication capabilities to eliminate the need for expensive physical cable infrastructures. With custom designed modulation circuitry, software controlled frequency and waveform settings, and extremely high spectral efficiencies, the EtherNudge devices perform near the theoretical communication limits even in the worst of environments.



Narrowband communications, mostly used within restricted bands, are currently utilized by many of our government and enterprise organizations for Police, Fire, Military, Emergency, Utility, and similar services that require reliable, high quality, mid-long distance communications channels.

ModulaTeam's products, software controllable from 20 MHz – 500 MHz, allow deployed Ethernet networks to seamlessly add mid to long distance links within their existing infrastructure without any costly upgrades. Custom developed technologies, German engineering, passive cooling, ruggedized enclosure, are among the many features that ModulaTeam's products incorporate to provide high quality, ease-of-use, and ultra-reliable service.




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